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Awesome Website Facts

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#1 – Website Facts

3.5 Billion searches Per Day

Google now receives 3.5 billion searches each day and 1.2 trillion each year. This number is always going up. These numbers translate into nearly 40,000 searches each second, every day. These numbers don’t even take other search engines in to account, so always be on top of your SEO.

#2 – Website Design

1 second delay leads to loss of customers

Even just one second can lead to up to 8% of potential customers clicking away and 3 seconds ups that number to 40%. Keep an eye on your page-speed. Here is a useful tool to monitor your websites speed.


Old but still kickin’

IMdb, a popular website for all things movie related is one the oldest website on the internet. IMdb was established in 1990 and still remains to be one of the most popular websites, concerning the movie business.


Well……that’s ironic.

Founder of popular online dating site Match.com, lost to his girlfriend to someone she found on Match.com. Talk about irony, hopefully his website also helped him find someone. If nothing else, at least it proved the website is great for meeting new people.


Intuitive Design = More Customers – Website Facts

Recent survey show 50-60 percent of all searches are on mobile devices, so if your website isn’t responsive, you have already lost 50-60 percent of the possible clientèle. Make sure whenever you have your website made, it’s responsive.


Two year old website, may be outdated. 

Websites don’t have the sort of shelf-life they used to, which makes sense, technology and web design is growing at never seen before rates. Just as the landscape changes around you, you must adapt or die off. It may be expensive but in the long run it will only benefit you.


The robots are taking over……

Recent studies show, 51 percent of all website traffic are bots. While only 49 percent are real people. Most of these bots perform repetitive tasks on websites, much faster than any human. They are also used to increase traffic and often times used to give a false sense of website traffic.

#8 – Website Design

6 Reasons why you need a website

So close, yet so far

Between 60% and 80% people begin the checkout process but don’t make it all the way through. This drop off, also know as Cart abandonment, can be avoided, make sure there are NO hidden fees, make the checkout process simple and improve page speed.

#9 – Website Facts

The big 4 Websites.

Google is the most visited website, then youtube, followed by facebook and Chinese search engine Baidu comes in at number 4. I wonder how many people search for Google on Google, ah yes, I remember, 618 million per month. 😐

#10 – Website FActs

Domain Name Facts

  • 38.8% of all domains land on a .com page.
  • There are over 1,500 domain extensions, eg: .com, .net, .org, or you can customize them to suit you, for example, .fun, .bakery, .(your name)
  • Most expensive domain ever sold was Lasvegas.com. This domain was sold for a staggering $90 million.


A country with only 28 websites?

North Korea was recently found to have only 28 North Korean registered domains. Not like this means anything for the masses, as internet access is restricted to civilians. On the plus side the internet access is free to those who are allowed to use it. Also on the downside they won’t be able to read all these awesome website facts!


Responsive Website result in higher SALES

Up to 60% companies and businesses who switched to responsive website, experienced higher sales. Also, up to 40% percent of users will leave a website if it is not responsive. Unresponsive websites usually take much longer to load on different platforms or don’t fit the screens properly and every second of wait is a second too much.

#13 – Website Facts

Why Responsive web design is important

You only 0.5 seconds to make a good impression

User will form an impression on your website within half a second of it loading. Furthermore, majority of people expect a website to load within 2 seconds. So make the first impression count.


Make yourself known

More often than not, most people that come to company websites are looking for contact info. It is your job to make this info easily accessible, because 64% of people are looking for this vital information.

#15 – Website Design

Your Products are important

More than 45% of website users head straight to the products page of the company. Make sure this section is easily accessed, otherwise you’re risking sales.


Looks Matter

38% of users will stop engaging with your website if the design unappealing or ugly.



Colours increased website recognition and familiarity by up to 70%. Darker coloured websites experience 2% growth and lighter coloured website increase growth by up to 1.2%

#18 – Website Facts

Don’t sell yourself too much

Have 2-3 positive facts about you and your business on the homepage/banner area. Beyond 2-3 facts people begin to doubt you and your credibility.


White Space

White space is huge component of any website, if everything is bright colours and flashy, then nothing is. Furthermore, whitespace is easy on the eyes and is great at highlighting the points that are meant to be seen. These are just the simple website and web design facts.


Image Load Speed

Up to 40% of people will stop engaging with a website if the images takes too long to load. Images are a great and simple tool to convey your message, so don’t mess this up.

#21 – Sales website Facts

Adults, Mobile and Sales

15% adults access the internet over their phones . This all comes around to responsive websites once again. Majority of business sales are from adults, so keep this in mind.

#22 – Website Design fact

Logo and Navigation menu

After reaching your website from a referral link, most people will head straight to the navigation menu to get around. Once they’re done, 38% use your logo to return to your homepage.


Mobile Use is GROWING

Between 2014 and now, internet use from mobile devices has grown nearly 90%, which is why responsive website design is so crucial.


E-commerce Website Facts

E-commerce websites require a few other measures when designing a website. One of these measures is customer confidence. Furthermore, you can improve customer confidence on e-commerce website by doing the following….

  • Using an SSL Certificate (Little green lock in the URL)
  • Storing vital info such as credit card  info on a completely different secure server
  • Keeping all website software up to date
  • Upgraded Hosting and much more


Keywords are Key

Make sure you research your target audience, so you can find your target keywords. Without keywords your website is lost.


Focus on Everything on your website

If you focus too much on one aspect, two more important aspects will be forgotten. We’ve talked a lot of mobile responsive websites, but that doesn’t mean you can forget desktop or other platforms.



Nearly 210 Billion emails are sent each day!


The founders of Google are both worth around $18 billion


Nearly 25% of all website are website that run on wordpress. Some popular wordpres websites being, MTV News, BBC America, The New Yorker and many more.


1 in 13 people alive now have a Facebook account.


Google make most of their revenue from advertising.

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