Top 4 Biggest Myth About Website Design

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                                                    Myths about the Website Design

Before you race out and get your website, here are a few myths to keep in mind.

#1 – Make the Home-Page Flashy!

A homepage can either make or break a website. A flashy, overcomplicated homepage is a sure way to make visitors run for the hills. Of course there should be elements that stand out in the website’s design but just remember, if everything stands out, nothing stands out. The focus of your homepage should be to navigate the user with ease, highlight important pages, tabs and links, by using special fonts, colours and styles. 


#2 – Make the Logo BIGGER

This one we get a lot, but with  some simple explanations this whole situation can be resolved easily. Your logo needs to be just the right size and everyone will notice it, their main focus should be the navigation. As long as your logo is somewhat memorable and recognizable, they won’t ever look at it after the first time. At the end of the day the content is far more important than a logo and once a customers get used to your website, the content is all that is going to matter to them. 

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#3 – Anyone can do website design

If you ask your ask your cousins, uncles,nieces, brother to make a website, they might be able to throw a site together but it definitely won’t be to up to par to real website design. These sort of websites are often problem ridden and mediocre and you can’t have that in today’s market. You either keep up with your competition or get left behind, so do yourself a favour and hire a professional here.


#4 – My website should be about me and my company.

If you do this, you’re cheating your customers and visitors out of a pleasurable experience. Good website design should be centred around ease of use for anyone who comes across your website. All we need to do is provide the user with the right set of tools and they will know all about you and your business. Don’t try to oversell.


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