Online Brand Building Tips for new Businesses – 2017


Online Brand Building and having a presence online is a huge asset to your business.

3 tips for Online Brand Building

Tip #1 – Choosing your Target Audience

First step of online brand building is choosing your audience and then tailoring your marketing strategies towards that goal audience. This is just basic brand building, weather it’s online or not. At first you will have to be super specific, if you try to do too much you will accomplish nothing. Don’t worry about being too specific, as you grow you will always find ways to branch out.

If you fail to choose your target audience, nobody else will do it for you and therefore you’re just an unknown brand.

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Tip #2 – Understanding your Audience. 

So, you’ve selected your audience and now it’s time to understand their needs and demands.

  • Find out the best way to communicate with your audience
  • Stay in touch with your audience 
  • Keep your Audience Happy

Lets break down each one these points.

If you can find the best to communicate with your audience, you’ve already won half the battle. Communication is key in online brand building as most of it is not face to face and this makes it harder for clients to be sure about your brand. If you’re always on time, answering questions and reaching out to potential clients, you will boost your brand and credibility. This also ties in with the second point of staying in touch.

If you know your audience, keeping them happy can be simple, but it’s always complicated at first. Slowly through trial and error you will learn more and more about your audience and be able to cater to them exactly how they want it.

For the most part you always just want to crystal clear with your audience and truthful.

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Tip #3 – Logo and Social Media

Your logo and social media presence is huge in online brand building. If you have a memorable logo or website layout that can also help greatly in boosting sales.

Being active on social media does wonders for brand credibility. Get on as many social media’s as you can, all it takes is one set of eyes to improve brand credibility and the more social media profiles you are on, the greater the number of people finding out about you and your business.

Social media is also a great way to improve SEO, as you can get backlinks to your website. Backlinks from authority websites like big social media’s such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…. can be greatly beneficial to your business local search engine rankings.

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