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Here at Lower Mainland Websites we do much more than just website design. Designing a website is just the start – it’s only a small part of your business, your brand and your passion.

Logo Design

A logo is a huge part of your company, it’s your identity and should be easily distinguishable. Often the first thing most people will notice is a logo, we as human are naturally attracted to images as opposed to text. Your logo should be on your on stores if you own any, websites for sure, social media profiles and on your business cards. Our logo for example, either you just have a logo or your logo with your company name.

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Business Cards

A business card is one of the greatest things for your business. They’re small, discreet, easy to hand out and most importantly they contain a large amount of information about you and your brand. We can design your business card just how you would like, here a few different styles as an example.

Info Front and Back for Business Cards

website designerwebsite re design surrey


Different types of cards depending on your needs above↑

Uniform and other items

If you have a company, business or brand with multiple employees you need some sort of company attire. This serves the same purpose as the logo, it will contain your companies identity and additionally other info such as name, address and phone number.

Lower Mainland Websites

The logo and info can be placed anywhere you would like. 

Other services we provide regarding the website.

Website Maintenance  

This is a part of our very affordable monthly package. We update your website, check for any glitches or bugs and much more. Keep your website looking fresh and new at all times and problem free. At Lower Mainland Websites, we pride ourselves in our customers websites.


Website Re-design – Lower Mainland Websites – Surrey, BC

Do you already own a website but its old and outdated? No problem! At Lower Mainland Websites we love fixer uppers! We will bring your website to life once again and add some flare to it. Make it beautiful once again.

Analytics and Advertising

At your request we can provide analytics and advertising for your website. In the analytics report we will include the amount of views your site is getting, shares, clicks and where the views coming from. All very important information. We can also advertise for your business on many platforms at your request.


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