Beginner SEO Tips – Lower Mainland Websites

Beginner SEO Tips

                        Simple and Effective Beginner SEO tips. 


Beginner SEO guide – Lower Mainland Web Design

SEO is your best friend when it comes to getting you website out there and found. So let’s kick it off with finding out what SEO is since this is a beginners guide. SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization is method to gain more traffic to a website through organic results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. So lets get your website on the map.

Tip #1 – Keyword Research – Beginner SEO 

To rank your website you first need to figure out the keywords you want to rank for. For example if you have plumbing business, you would want to rank for keywords such as “Plumbing *Enter City Name Here*, “Local Plumber, “Best Plumbers”, “Affordable Plumbers”, “Plumbing”, “Fixture Installers, “Water Supply Repair” and more words along those lines. We may try to rank for keywords such as “Web Design Surrey”, “Web Designers Vancouver”, “Website Development Surrey, BC”, “Website designers” just for example sake.

The type of websites we can make for you

But first you need to find these keywords.

A really simple way to do this is just to  type the keyword you want to rank for in and see the suggest options on google, start of with those. Then use more advance tools like Google Keyword Planner . There are many tools like this but the Google tool is one the most intuitive and all you have to is just write the word or phrase you’re trying to rank for into the tool and it will give a lot of suggestions and you can start by slowly knocking them all out.

Using the Keywords

Use the keyword throughout the text but don’t over do it as this will result in Google not ranking you at all. Use the keyword in the ALT text for the images, in the title, the header, in the text, the meta description and try to keep the keyword density to 1%-1.5% of the total text. Beginner SEO becomes much less complicated when you understand keywords.

Steal the keywords from your Competitors!

All is fair in SEO and war. Use tools such as Buzzsumo & Spyfu and find out what your competitors are ranking for but make sure you do it better. But don’t just worry about the other guy, be sure your looking out for yourself and monitoring your traffic through Google Analytics and see the habits of your visitors.

3 Simple Marketing Tips for your Business

Mobile Friendliness 

All the websites we build at Lower Mainland Websites are fully mobile friendly and responsive, why? Because mobile phones make up a large percentage of searches and search engines like Google already have algorithm in place to see if your website is up to par and if it’s not you will be panellized. So be sure when you’re getting your website designed that it is mobile friendly. This is another simple yet great beginner seo tip.


A backlink is any link pointing to your website. Backlinks can be from many sources such as Social Media’s, other websites and backlinks from local websites are especially beneficial  for local businesses. If you have social media profiles for your business ( Which you should), any time you make a new post be sure to share it.

Beginner SEO can be complicated but once you get the hang of it and get more into Search engine optimization it will be rewarding.

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