3 tips for Internet Safety – Lower Mainland Websites

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Online Safety Tips – Lower Mainland Websites

Tip #1 – Beef up your password

password123 – abc123 – If your password looks this, you’re already falling behind and you don’t want to be caught with a weak password. Your password should be something easy to remember for you but impossible to guess for someone else. Here are some tips to strengthen your weak scrawny passwordS.

  • Use variation of UPPER & lower-case letters in your password
  • Use numbers 123
  • Use special Characters eg: !@#$%^&*(

With just this simple tip, you’re already much safer. Also don’t use the same password for everything and your password doesn’t have to relate to what your signing up for.


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Tip #2 – Online Shopping and HTTPS secure connections

    Web designer abbotsfordYou may notice a little green lock on some websites, such as ours. This ensures your that none of your information is leaked and is safely stored on a server inaccessible to everyone. HTTPS is the ubiquitous method used by browsers and websites to securely exchange sensitive data. So whenever you shop online be sure to look out for this little green lock, esspecially when it comes to giving out sensitive info such as credit card numbers, address and your full name.

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Tip #3 – Be careful what you click on!

Don’t click on random links, download buttons or anything you are not sure about. Often these links will look legit and take you to a webpage that you trust and often you already have account on these websites or pages.

Unfortunately these are mere fakes webpages, made to look exactly like the page you trust, these are referred to phishing links/pages. So while you suspect nothing and enter to information to “log in”  all you’re actually doing is giving up your information just because you were uninformed and didn’t the time to make sure it’s the correct page.

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Use two-step verification whenever possible. This way you add an extra layer of protection to your accounts.